We are proud to have been awarded the Chartered Financial Planner status.

Fewer than 700 firms have received this award; it therefore truly sets us apart from our peers.

As a Chartered firm of financial planners, we have satisfied rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and ethical good practice. It means you can be confident you are dealing with one of the UK’s leading firms, that is committed to providing you with the best possible advice, service and support.

Chartered status, which is awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) demonstrates a desire for individual advisers, and Boolers as a business, to go above and beyond the minimum standards required to act as a financial adviser.

As the CII say, Chartered status is the “gold standard for firms of financial planners.”

How does our Chartered status benefit you?

We believe our Chartered status benefits our clients in three key ways:

Expertise: To attain the Chartered Financial Planner status, we must demonstrate the highest levels of technical knowledge and competence through professional qualifications

Continuous development: To maintain the Chartered Financial Planner status, that knowledge must be continually maintained and updated

Ethical conduct: Our Chartered status means we must adhere to a specific Code of Ethics enforced through disciplinary sanctions

How were we awarded Chartered status?

To be awarded, and maintain, Chartered status, we must:

  • Meet rigorous criteria in relation to professionalism
  • Commit to abiding by the CII’s Code of Ethics
  • Individually, Chartered Financial Planners must have attained additional levels of qualifications, far in excess of the minimum needed to act as a financial adviser
  • Have satisfied rigorous qualification criteria by retaining highly-qualified staff who subscribe to the membership conditions of the CII

As the CII says: “When you use a Chartered firm you are dealing with proven professionals. The CII is empowered by the Privy Council to award Chartered status, and the award is only made in deserving cases. And while Chartered titles are steeped in history, they remain the benchmark of professional excellence and integrity.”

You can learn more about why you should choose a Chartered Financial Planner by watching this video, produced by the CII.