There comes a time in most of our lives when we want to leave our working life behind and begin the next phase of your life.

In the years leading up to retirement, planning is crucial.

Not only will it help you take advantage of every opportunity, for example improving your situation by maximising available tax-reliefs, it will boost your confidence that your retirement will be a period of financial comfort and security.

Determining your goals: There’s more to retirement than money. Thinking about and planning the way you want to live when you stop working is equally, if not more, important. By understanding what retirement means to you, we can build a plan, putting you in the financial position to achieve your goals.

Income and capital: Understanding the amount of money, both income and capital, you need to pay for your desired lifestyle in retirement.

Existing pensions: Researching your existing pensions, including the State Pension, so we understand the progress you have made so far to achieving your retirement goals.

Turning pensions into an income: Recommending the best way to create an income from your existing pensions taking into account the level of income you need, the level of risk you are prepared to take and what you want to happen to your pensions when you die. View Video.

Savings and investments: Understanding the additional capital you have and the part it can play in helping you to achieve your retirement objectives. View Video.

Developing a timeline: You may have a specific date when you want to retire. You may prefer to simply finish work when you can afford to do so. We will work hard to produce a plan which allows you to retire at a date which suits you.

Inheritance Tax and estate planning: Ensuring that your affairs are well organised so that should you die unexpectedly your assets are distributed according to your wishes and that as little tax as possible is paid by your beneficiaries.

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