Advisory Investment Services – For those who want to be part of the process

Our advisory investment services are available to clients throughout the Midlands; your financial planner will provide continued support and annual meetings to discuss your requirements and review the investment performance. Our financial advisers will also provide you with regular updates and valuation reports on a quarterly basis.

Before we invest any of your money it is essential that we have a thorough understanding of your expectations of investment risk and return. Your Financial Planner will establish what your aims and objectives are for your investments, before producing a personalised investment proposal.

The Advisory Investment Service

You will be supported with an annual meeting to discuss your requirements and review the investment performance, as well as being provided with regular updates and valuation reports on a half yearly basis.

Under our advisory investment service we will contact you detailing any changes we deem necessary for asset allocation and fund selection, you can either agree or disagree with the recommendations and any portfolio changes will require your written confirmation.

For this service we invest through a custodian platform to provide simplified administration, consolidated reporting and enhanced dealing terms.

Our advisory investment service does not have a minimum or maximum investment amount, and can be considered for lump sum or regular investment. We can tailor portfolios to be in search of Capital growth, Income generation, or a combination of the two.

Contact Boolers if you are looking for advisory investment services in the Midlands. Our team will determine your expectations of investment risk and return and understand your aims and objectives before we advise you on investment options.